Quilts by Sylvia Rucker

The quilts in the upper part of this page are for sale!
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Quilt measurements are in inches. Page last updated April 14, 2018.

Lemon Pepper 47 x 62

Wonky Log Cabin 65 x 53

Big Eclipse 95 x 75

Eclipse 76 x 61

Chairs 80 x 66

Wonky Zigzags 72 x 65

Dotty Zigzag 86 x 80

Chopsticks 55 x 40

Calm One 72 x 64

UFOs 70 x 60

Pastel Jigsaw 61 x 51

Striped Diamonds 93 x 83

Bento Box 82 x 82

Sun and Sky 74 x 60

Bar Code 88 x 63

Searchlights 70 x 60

Crazy Diamonds 65 x 65

Crazy Nine Square 70 x 63

"The Ones That Got Away"

The quilts below are not for sale.

Juno's Quilt

Bella's Quilt


Big Green

Miles’s Horn

Searchlights #1

Fourth of July

Log Cabin Placemat

Xmas Nap Quilt


Red River

Small Searchlights


Bingo Card


Purple Scrappy


Red Jigsaw

Batik Steps

Little Boxes


Kids' Clothes

Leda's Quilt

Onni's Quilt

Stripey's Quilt


Starry Night


Althea's Quilt

Check prices for the sale quilts.
And enjoy the ones that got away.
Email Sylvia Rucker for further info.